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2019 Growing Season Has Begun

Hi !  We are in the Garden Center Greenhouse starting our 2019 planting journey of our Designer Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets Containers. We are planting “joy” for you to give on Mother’s Day.   Oh the selection this year is simply beautiful!!! We will nourish each basket and share with you the new growth and beauty

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Gift Cards

Giving a Gift Couldn’t Be Easier for You or More Delightful for them…The Perfect Gift. We have an amazing selection of product throughout our seasons.Larson’s Garden Center (LGC) Gift Cards can be used to make purchases at Larson’s Garden Center, 26 Covey Road, Burlington, CT. It’s the gift that always fits. This item is excluded

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Indoor Plants

Refresh Your Indoor Plants Did you know that certain plants help clean our indoor air?  The sheer beauty of looking at a tropical plant also provides a calming effect.  It’s a perfect time to start a plan on bringing plants or refreshing your plants in your home and office.  I call it a refresh approach. 

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Premiere Specialty Grown

I just get so excited when I look at these high quality premieres.  It’s taken time and knowledge from the growers to produce such outstanding stock. Talk about uniqueness and curb appeal! Add another level of dimension to your landscape with these beauties. Visit our Online Gallery Shrubs and Tree     

Interesting Trailing Vines and Accent Plants

Accent Plants  Incorporate Accent Plants to compliment flowering plants.  They are great for container gardening plus wherever your imagination stretches.

Growing Herbs

Oh what fun it is to grow a bunch of oregano, basil and cilantro. The best part is picking what amount you need and knowing how fresh it is.   We have a large stock of herbs, come and create your own herb garden today. Note: pics are from last year.

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Inspire our Garden World Series – Climb or Trail?

Have you thought about plants that climb or trail and provide gorgeous flowers, well the Mandevillas comes to mind. The plant is recognized as a tropical plant and attracts birds to your garden area.   -weather tolerance, -beautiful blooms and fragrant flowers, -requires trimming to encourage growth, -tendency to attract mealy bugs and scales, -beautiful

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Sharing the Colors

The bloom colors are absolutely beautiful this time of year-late summer.  I thought I share some pics with you-hope they bring you a smile. 

Planting Zones

I was thinking about all my customers and where they live or where their businesses are located.  It is important to choose plants that grow and thrive in your location. Here are a few links that will help you identify your zone. The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a link to the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Select

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Hydrangeas Packing A Wow Effect

Summer/early Fall time the hydrangeas are in full bloom. Bloom colors range from lime green, white, pink, purplish and blue. What is your favorite color or colors?   We carry a large assortment of limelight, tickled pink, along with the commonly known ones.   Hydrangeas continue to award us by offering a beautiful bush that

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