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Premiere Specialty Grown

I just get so excited when I look at these high quality premieres.  It’s taken time and knowledge from the growers to produce such outstanding stock. Talk about uniqueness and curb appeal! Add another level of dimension to your landscape with these beauties. Visit our Online Gallery Shrubs and Tree     

Growing Herbs

Oh what fun it is to grow a bunch of oregano, basil and cilantro. The best part is picking what amount you need and knowing how fresh it is.   We have a large stock of herbs, come and create your own herb garden today. Note: pics are from last year.

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Succulents – Require Minimal Watering

Look at the colors, sizes, shapes and textures of our succulents.  Amazing plants for gardens or plant containers.  Succulents don’t require a lot of maintenance and are survivors in most drought and heat. Succulents are are great plants for terrariums. They are so much fun to watch grow and multiple. There are no two succulents

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