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Honeysuckle Scent

Honeysuckle Plant

What is the fragrance coming through my open window. It rained during the night, so the plants have had their showers. The morning after the rain definitely stirs the birds and the scent of blossoms.

Honeysuckle – June 2019

Mhhh what is that smell? As I followed the scent, I walked towards the fence. What fence? The fence (not visible) serves as a trellis for a beautiful vine loaded with green leaves and blossoms. The leaves appear oval which are green and greenish blue. Ah,  It’s the honeysuckle bush hanging on to the fence shouting out fragrances and showcasing its beauty.  Did you know the honeysuckle bush can grow 6 to 15 ft, depending upon the location and soil mixtures.

Blossom of honeysuckle

It is loaded with blossoms. I have bushes that are white and peachy/pink/crimson color. Did you know there are over 180 species of honeysuckle. The aroma from the blossoms come from a sweet nectar.  When I was young, I recall eating the honey and staying away from the berries which I was told were poisonous.

Honeysuckle bush -June 2019

The blossoms last from spring into summer.  Providing a wonderful pit stop for the birds and bees. Plus, the beauty that it brings to the landscape. The blossoms are tubular and airy. I guess,  I need to pick one and pinch off the end to taste the honey out of the blossom.   Ooh the taste of summer!!

Have an amazing day!








Lupine Plant

Source: New England Historical Society

You May want to plant your own Lupines, after reading this story.

There was a real Miss Rumphius who lived in Christmas Cove and secretly planted lupine seeds to adorn Maine’s roadsides and meadows.


Buttercup Plants

As I was walking around my yard this am, I stopped and looked down on the grass.  Oh what did I see?  Are those  buttercups flowers reaching their way to the sun?  The bright yellow shiny saucer shaped petals. Did you know  the flowers bloom from April to May, however, I recall seeing blooms in June. Oh I thought what a find so bright and happy way to start the day!  The presence of them reminded me of my childhood. I then reflected back to the story about placing a buttercup under your chin…do you recall the story?  I think there may be several versions…well here is my story…

I remember my friends holding the buttercup under each of our chins.  If you saw yellow that meant you liked butter.  Well I love butter!! hehe

I just google buttercup flower meanings and that revealed neatness, humility, childishness, etc. Then I read on google search that in latin buttercup means little frog.

I thought I share my walkabout with you this am.  Have an amazing day – who knows what you will spot.