Indoor Plants

Refresh Your Indoor Plants

Did you know that certain plants help clean our indoor air?  The sheer beauty of looking at a tropical plant also provides a calming effect.  It’s a perfect time to start a plan on bringing plants or refreshing your plants in your home and office.  I call it a refresh approach.  To start, lets look …

What do you need to look for when you buy tropical plants for my home or office?

  • Location location location is one of the key parts of planning for indoor plants.
  • Take note on sunlight, duration of light such as low light, or
  • Ease of watering,
  • Your family animals curosity (i.e. cat will love to play in dirt)  and
  • Available space.

Other items to consider is your time to maintain the house/office plants.  Removing yellow leaves, watering, and fertilizing.  Other fun activities include repotting in beautiful and unique containers and mixing of soils for good drainage.

Other considerations for plants kept inside include succulents including cactus,  plant terrariums, herb gardens, and so much more.  If you let your imagination run all kinds of great ideas can emerge about Refreshing Your Indoor Plants.