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Welcome to Larson’s Garden Center
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We are a Garden Center that fulfills your gardening and landscape needs.  Our goals include connecting family and friends to nature by selling garden materials and landscapes. Our inventory includes:

  • Garden Center Advisor; and cool vegetation to watch grow;t
  • Tree and Shrubs
  • Plants that come back to life each year;
  • Plants for seasonal color;
  • Mulch/soils along with other needed items;
  • Decorations to add to the yard and garden; and
  • We design custom planters with various textures, colors and styles to meet your visions. 

Landscape Services – There are times when problems occur with your landscape or the lack of landscaping. We solve those concerns and offer products along with tips and tricks. We offer advice when warranted and inspire ideas. We are certified design landscape experts.

Visit Larson's Garden Center and enjoy the beauty of the season!

We support and encourage an environment for all pollinator species such as honey bees, native bees, birds, bats, and butterflies habitats and specialize in protecting the pollinators in our landscape services and yard tidy-upper services.

Larson’s Garden Center crew are dream-makers who listen, absorb, and deliver customized results; and make living spaces come alive. 

Larson’s Garden Center is a family and we work hard to make our home yours when you come.

The Larsons’ family started the Larson Farm back in 1919 on Rt6, Bristol, CT. We will celebrate the 100th year with many special planned events. Larson’s Garden Center has been in business for 9 years focusing on new ways of gardening and landscaping.

As technology evolves – so are we. We have added an online secure shopping component to our web.  Designed Landscaping packages, and gift cards are currently available to purchase on line.

We Inspire, We Create, We Grow

Where Creativity and Inspiration Grows…


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