***** I love going to Larson’s for all my plants. They have such a big variety, besides that they are extremely friendly and helpful, whomever you may get, its always a nice visit and i leave with awesome plants.  I also love all the other stuff they have in there besides plants…if your not sure what kind of plant to get that will do well in your environment they are more than happy to help you! Wonderful family – Lisa Pergola

*****Jim has been great! So knowledgeable. Warm friendly. It’s been such fun. Thank you so much. –Carole Black Cohen

***** –Douglas Mooney 

***** -Heather Bruce 

*****-Amelia Mason  

***** Love this place! Ryan Bartholomew 

Accommodating and very knowledgeable service, affordable prices, and family run, It’s great to see that businesses like this are still able to prosper. Keep up the great work you guys. –Matthew Larson

Great selection! Very helpful & knowledgeable staff.-Carleen Limmer

Awesome place…Loved going there. Awesome variety and the best bathrooms ever.-Michael Mennillo Jr

Larson’s is a staple to Burlington.  We visit them every season and will continue.-Jordan Tonn

They’re sincerely helpful here.  I brought my tomatoes, basil, beans – all the rest here and everything came out great.  I’ve stopped by for advice and it’s worked.  I’m not a flower guy, but this place is nice to walk around and get ideas. –Charles Lanfair

*****Excellent service, beautiful plants, a great place to buy anything you need for the garden.-Monica Claros

***** Very cool garden center with helpful and knowledgeable staff.-Shawn Owens