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Buttercup Plants

As I was walking around my yard this am, I stopped and looked down on the grass.  Oh what did I see?  Are those  buttercups flowers reaching their way to the sun?  The bright yellow shiny saucer shaped petals. Did you know  the flowers bloom from April to May, however, I recall seeing blooms in June. Oh I thought what a find so bright and happy way to start the day!  The presence of them reminded me of my childhood. I then reflected back to the story about placing a buttercup under your chin…do you recall the story?  I think there may be several versions…well here is my story…

I remember my friends holding the buttercup under each of our chins.  If you saw yellow that meant you liked butter.  Well I love butter!! hehe

I just google buttercup flower meanings and that revealed neatness, humility, childishness, etc. Then I read on google search that in latin buttercup means little frog.

I thought I share my walkabout with you this am.  Have an amazing day – who knows what you will spot.