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Inspire our Garden World Series – Climb or Trail?

Have you thought about plants that climb or trail and provide gorgeous flowers, well the Mandevillas comes to mind. The plant is recognized as a tropical plant and attracts birds to your garden area.



-weather tolerance,

-beautiful blooms and fragrant flowers,

-requires trimming to encourage growth,

-tendency to attract mealy bugs and scales,

-beautiful in container gardens such as grown on patios, porches or along paths.

-The vines can grow on a trellis, wall or cascade out of a container and trail.



Did you know from June through September the pretty pink blossoms, with their sunny yellow throats, keep coming and coming.image



Spilling over the edges of a hanging basket or trained up a trellis, this free-flowering, sun-living vine provides handsome, glossy green foliage and 2-3″ flowers. image