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The full landscape design package includes a site visit and walk on property with you discussing what you have in mind, likes and dislikes, and your ultimate goals for the area. Full design package includes:

  • Detail Photographs;
  • Specific Measurements;
  • Environmental specifics;
  • Custom design ideas are created;
  • Associate plant option list including pictures and descriptions of plants provided; and
  • Design modifications, if required

We help narrow down down the plants that you like, in order to have a final outline so you may complete on your own, or have the project quoted so you can hire someone to complete it for you.

Our designers are Certified Landscape Designers.

Larson's Garden Center

Larson's is a 100 year old business that has been given a fresh start. Kaitlyn Larson, the 4th generation, has picked up the family tradition 10 years (2009) ago, and is making it her own. With her vibrant colors and spunky spirit she is carving a new direction for her garden center. Kaitlyn is focused on giving the customers what they want and need in a fun and exciting way.

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