This is a new page for 2018 Gardening Ideas…We are taking ideas from our customers on what you would like to see here. My goal is to show bursts of colors and ideas to get anyone motivated in the garden.

Work in progress page just like a garden – it starts with planning and playing with ideas

Butterfly Garden Plants

Perennial that Bloom All Summer

Planning land to show color all summer long can be accomplished with a bit of research.  Here are some ideas to help you get started.  Our goal is to offer a carpet of color throughout the season of sun, drought, rain and what ever else mother nature brings us.  Tasks include:

  • watering
  • continuously deadhead the plant blooms
  • dividing plants when overgrown

Perennial that Bloom All During the Autumn Season

  • Lets start off by selecting a small section of land that you can dedicate to a beautiful Autumn Season Garden


Other Ideas to think about

  • Water Garden
  • Secret Garden
  • Wild Flower Garden
  • Bird sanctuary Garden
  • Allotted space for wildlife to rest or hide

Please email me your ideas.   Thank you and Happy perennial Gardening!!!