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We believe your landscape should compliment your homes personality, and bring much joy and pleasure. Here is a list of landscape ideas that will deliver a upscale curb appeal style in a fun and joyous way. We have the experience, equipment and ability of revamping your front, side and back yards all at once.  Contact us though our contact form below for a consultation. The possibilities are endless.


-create a shady cozy pathway leading to a secret garden;

-plant texture plants and color on those hard to mow slopes;

-create a Japanese-style garden in a very unique area boosting with foliage and bold flowers;

-plant a herb garden within what is typically thought of as flower beds. The textures add great interest;

-create a design along your driveway that adds depth and dimension;

-create a outdoor living area to enjoy quiet evenings with the family;

-create a fragrant sensory garden;

-need to add dimension, let’s add color with flowers and shrubs;

-create a drought/resistant garden that you can enjoy for years to come;

-build a perennial flower bed that has color throughout all seasons;

-create a colorful peaceful shared garden with a reading nook;

-hide your foundations with modern, low maintenance plantings.

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