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Larson’s Garden Center Landscape Design and Installation Division takes on a range of diverse projects. We thrive in transforming your space and customizing the area to your unique wishes and personality.

We are Certified Landscape Designers. We look for distinct natural features like terrain, soil types, exposure of sun vs shade, and topography.  We create designs using plants and features that best work in your area. We love to create harmony in our landscape designs.

Results— After and Before

Take a look at your landscape... does it make you happy or does it feel tired and over grown? Do your plantings compliment your style, and give you the lifestyle you dream of?

We work with your spaces to bring your environment to life. Whether it’s a whole yard redo, the back yard, or a single bed, we are here to help. There are so many possibilities today with freshening your outdoor spaces. We have the landscape design expertise, equipment and crew to give your area a new or updated look.

Designed pathway to backyard. Low maintenance and water flow built in.

Visit our Landscape Ideas We take the time to get to know you, and learn about what you want out of your space before we ever select a plant or create a design. Our goal is to give you an environment that is unique to you and brings you much joy and happiness. 

We offer the following Design Packages:

Full Design Package

 Includes sight visit and walk with you on property.

We take photos, measurements, note the amount of light and shade, soil conditions, watering resources, and any other specifics of the property.

We create custom design ideas based on style and goals discussed during site visit.

We present an actual layout where you can actually see the design in your environment, and an associated plant options list that includes pictures and descriptions of the plants.

Includes modifications to the design layout that you want. We help narrow the amount of plants you like, review selected plants then determine the cost of the project and approximate completion time.

Having a well designed, low maintenance environment gives you back time and freedom to do things you love. We combine those with our years of knowledge of the environment and plants to create a landscape you will love for years to come. This package provides an outline so you may complete the project on your own or hire someone to complete.

Price of package is $265 and is purchased through our online shop.

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If you wish to discuss, prior to purchasing our package, please complete and submit this form.


On-Site Verbal Design Package

The On-site verbal Design package includes a Certified Landscape Designer to visit your location and typically spends an hour discussing all the property areas that you would like help with. The time spent with the Designer provides you an opportunity to ask questions, take notes, and sketch ideas.  Cost of the package is $65 and is purchase through our online Shop.

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In-Store Landscape Design Package

The in-store landscape design package provides you the opportunity to bring pictures of your spaces, measurements, and specifics about the environment.  We exchange ideas and listen to your goals and visions.  We tour the Garden Center and explore the different plants in person and discuss options.

You should bring your camera and note paper for ideas or sketches you would like to draw.  Many times, we lay out the plants in a mock setting so you can see the prospective design in person. The package is $15, however, the fee is waived, if you buy a plant from our Garden Center value at $15 or greater.

See our list of Landscape Ideas

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Full Service Landscape Installation and Maintenance

We offer a full service landscape installation and maintenance.  Our team has years of experience, specializing in installation, and maintenance of new and existing landscapes.

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We work with you to keep you as involved in the process as you wish, from the moment we meet, until project completion. Each project is uniquely priced.

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