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Custom Planters

What to consider while planning for planters…

Space. Where you live and the potential space you have to garden with, LGC designers will help you with the possibilities.

Time. How much time do you want to be spent on gardener? There is a continuous competition for our leisure time and attention, LGC Designers will recommend the right plants and containers for easy maintenance for whatever time you actual have to spend on gardener.

Proximity. How close do you want your plants to you, in or near your outside living environments? The goal is to enjoy the beauty and reap their harvest with ease and low maintenance.


Beauty. The plant containers are designed on your preferred colors, ability to water, sun vs shade environment and so much more. The result is an interesting mix of flowers and plants specifically to thrive in your environment.

Plants. LGC offers a wide choice of annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, foliage, tropical plants and even shrubs, trees grown and sold in a decorative container.

Custom Planter Website to get some ideas.  We have it set up for each season.  Many of our customers order planters for each season.  You will be leaving this website.

Whimsical items. LGC offers a huge choice of fun and whimsical items including statues. Each year we buy the latest items plus hunt for those unique pieces.

Location. There are endless locations where containers can be placed. The railing on a deck or balcony holds huge potential for increasing and incorporating plants.

Weather. As we will all agree, the weather, which we have no control over, remains the biggest indicator of a successful season. Container gardening saves time. Confirms to space requirements and bring plants to our outdoor living environment.

Container:  Supply your own or purchase one from us.

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  1. Lyn says:

    Last Mother’s Day, I bought my Mom a gift certificate from here and she was so thrilled, stating that everyone is so nice at Larson’s. About a week later, I received a hand written note from Kaitlyn, thanking me for my business…. just amazing customer service in today’s world. I plan on getting another gift certificate for Mom again this year and hopefully for many more years to come 🙂

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