Buttercup Plants

As I was walking around my yard this am, I stopped and looked down on the grass.  Oh what did I see?  Are those  buttercups flowers reaching their way to the sun?  The bright yellow shiny saucer shaped petals. Did you know  the flowers bloom from April to May, however, I recall seeing blooms in June. Oh I thought what a find so bright and happy way to start the day!  The presence of them reminded me of my childhood. I then reflected back to the story about placing a buttercup under your chin…do you recall the story?  I think there may be several versions…well here is my story…

I remember my friends holding the buttercup under each of our chins.  If you saw yellow that meant you liked butter.  Well I love butter!! hehe

I just google buttercup flower meanings and that revealed neatness, humility, childishness, etc. Then I read on google search that in latin buttercup means little frog.

I thought I share my walkabout with you this am.  Have an amazing day – who knows what you will spot.



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Larson's is a 100 year old business that has been given a fresh start. Kaitlyn Larson, the 4th generation, has picked up the family tradition 10 years (2009) ago, and is making it her own. With her vibrant colors and spunky spirit she is carving a new direction for her garden center. Kaitlyn is focused on giving the customers what they want and need in a fun and exciting way.

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