2019 Growing Season Has Begun

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Hi !  We are in the Garden Center Greenhouse starting our 2019 planting journey of our Designer Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets Containers. We are planting “joy” for you to give on Mother’s Day.   Oh the selection this year is simply beautiful!!! We will nourish each basket and share with you the new growth and beauty as it emerges.

I can not wait to nurture them and show you their beauty in terms of color, texture and shapes.  This is going to be such an exciting year!  The joy we receive when the hanging baskets are noticed on your decks, patios and yards makes us feel as though we have done our part in spreading kindness, happiness and joy.

The temperature is perfect in the greenhouse to start our seasonal journey.  The best part of this journey is many family members are here helping with the planting process. It’s truly amazing!  The energy from everyone is vibrate!

Cheers to celebrating 2019 and our hanging baskets that we are growing for you!