Yard Ornament – Spinners

Have you notice one of the latest trends dazzling your neighbor’s garden or yard? Well it’s the yard ornament known as the windwheel, pinwheel or spinner. Larson’s Garden Center has a unique stock of these for your outside space.

The latest trend is to decorate your garden or yard with these metal type pieces of abstract and geometric art design.  We have different designs such as the spiral pinwheels that hang,  double spinners that anchor/stake into ground and even smaller pinwheels. However, use your imagination and include in a container, between bushes – ooh the possibilities are endless.

Watch out for the rooster wind spinner – he will definitely catch someone’s eye.

So much fun…come take a look at our spinners and maybe one will catch your eye. Most are unique and will sell out quickly.

Please feel free to share your Experiences...

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