LGC Designer Flower Baskets

After careful planning and design, we are starting TODAY to plant our unique Designer Flower Hanging Baskets for Mother’s Day. I cherish this time of year! To be part of gardening and to enjoy the Beauty that’s grows along in time.

Over the next several months, we will care for these young plants.  The results will be well worth all the effort!  I cannot wait to see the awes and smiles on our customers!!!  Bring on the colors and blooms! I’m wishing for a successful growing season!

I have selected high quality seedings with healthy shoots.   Our soil mixture was developed by my Dad -Ralph.   As you can see from the pic below,  many new shoots are coming off of these small healthy stocky plants.

The Designer Flower Hanging Baskets will be exceptionally beautiful this year! I cannot wait for them to start to grow and fill the Garden Center with colors and blooms.

I plan to update this post every few weeks with added photos so you can see the growth and beauty come to life.

February 15, 2018 day One

Let the Growing Season Begin at Larson’s Garden Center!!  I cannot wait for Garden Center to be filled up with all of these colors, textures and blooms.  Spring is coming!! pic below is from a few years ago. Don’t you just love the energy?


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