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This post is part of our educational Inspire Our Garden World Series. Hope you enjoy!image

Dianthus EverLast* Lavender Eye Pinks

This new series of Dianthus displays more days of color than any other.  Semi-double blooms of lavender with a burgundy-red eye start early in the season and continue to flower all summer. Spicy fragrance is a bonus! Height: 8-12″ apart. Full Sun.    *TM



Leucanthemum s. “LaCrosse” Shasta Daisy

Blooming a little bit earlier than other varieties. The Shasta Daisy has quilled white petals that grow with time and surround a golden center. Flowers bloom from late spring to summer above compact foliage with an overall height of 10-12″. Prolong bloom time. Full Sun.


Gaillardia “Arizona Red Shades” Blanket Flower

A blanket of deep red flowers cover the compact foliage beginning in early summer. With regular deadheading, blooms will continue all the way through Summer and the early Fall. Occasionally the flower petals of this variety have slightly yellow tips because it is produced from seed. Foliage and flowers stay low at 10-12″. Full Sun. Award Winner


Phlox sub “Purple Beauty” Moss Pinks

The Purple Beauty blooms for many weeks in Spring. The blooms are bright purple color with violet eyes. Spreading needle-like foliage beneath. Trim after flowering to encourage growth. Grow 4-6″ tall.  Full Sun-Partial shade

Phlox colors – pinks, purples, and so much more

Yellow day lilly soaking up the rain drops

Hemerocallis “Stella de Oro” Daylily 

This multiple award winner is perhaps the most popular daylily of all time, and is definitely our most popular. Bright golden yellow flowers begin in June and continue to bloom until late summer on 12″ stems. Use it in borders, on banks, in containers on a patio or deck, or make a Daylily bed of Stella de Oro by itself. Try mixing it with Salvia “blue” for a stunning color combination. Rebloomer. Full Sun- Partial Shade





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