Summer/early Fall time the hydrangeas are in full bloom. Bloom colors range from lime green, white, pink, purplish and blue. What is your favorite color or colors?

We carry a large assortment of limelight, tickled pink, along with the commonly known ones.

Hydrangeas continue to award us by offering a beautiful bush that shows off gorgeous blooms.  The blooms can be cut and used as fresh flower arrangements, or serve as a dry flower arrangement.  Some of the blooms are large round flower heads looking like Pom-poms. I also like the lace cap flowers that appear round flat heads.

Come and stroll along our paths and enjoy the many Connecticut Grown deciduous shrubs and all the colors, shapes and textures. Summer /Fall and all that it brings. Hydrangea

Need some assistance, check out the Ultimate Hydrangea Guide on Espoma.com. Or come and visit us and let us help you in your Hydrangeas.