Take a Moment and Enjoy…

Butterfly pic taken in Massachuesetts 2012
Feel like a butterfly – beautiful and powerful

I like to offer to you a way of reducing stress in your body and mind….visit Larson’s Garden Center and walk the grounds and explore all that the greenhouse offers. Take a few moments and breath in the beauty all around you. You will be amazed at the beautiful flowers, one of a kind trees, unique bushes and hidden treasures found along the paths. The colors, shapes and textures are truly astonishing.  All your senses are awaken – hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and even tasting.  This combination is a sure way to give your body and mind a break and to reset your energies.

Hopefully you catch yourself smiling and maybe a giggle or two as you walk along the paths. You do not have to buy anything-all our welcome to enjoy and relax a moment out of your hectic stressed day. There is always music playing In the greenhouse and you may see a staff person or two singing along, whistling or dancing to the music. Join in and have a moment of laughter. Come and reduce the stress in your life, if it’s only for a moment- it’s worth it. You are worth it!

Jim, the greenhouse Manager- always happy!
Jim, the Greenhouse Manager- always happy! and available to answer your questions.


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